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Southport boat tours

“Guiding Light: Unveiling the History of the Oak Island Lighthouse”

Nestled along the enchanting shores of Oak Island, the Oak Island Lighthouse stands tall as a silent sentinel, weaving tales of maritime history and coastal charm. Join us as we delve into the fascinating narrative of this iconic structure that has witnessed the ebb and flow of time. A Beacon Born: The Oak Island Lighthouse, proudly guarding the entrance to the Cape Fear River and Intracoastal Waterway, was lit for the first time on November 1, 1958. Standing at 153 feet, its distinctive black and white bands have made it a beloved symbol of Oak Island. Navigating the Cape Fear Coast: The lighthouse was strategically positioned to aid mariners navigating the treacherous waters of the Cape Fear Coast. Over the decades, it has played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of countless sailors and boats traversing the region. Structural…

Southport Water Tours’s Coastal Adventures Blog

“Setting Sail: Welcome to Southport Water Tours’s Coastal Adventures Blog!” Ahoy, fellow adventurers! Welcome aboard our digital vessel as we embark on a journey through the crystal blue waters and picturesque landscapes of Southport, North Carolina, and its charming neighboring towns. We’re thrilled to have you join us at Southport Water Tours, your premier guide…